Isaac Evans-Frantz

Support charter change to protect tenants and prevent homelessness

Unjust evictions are major disruptions in people’s lives and an enormous strain on their mental well-being and on our public services

Nationally, tenants saw a 17.2% increase in their average rents in 2021 alone. In Brattleboro and beyond, out-of-state corporate landlords are kicking out existing tenants who pay their rent and follow the rules in order to jack up the rent for the tenants who follow.

As I biked across Vermont as part of my U.S. Senate campaign this past summer, I heard this same story in Barre, in Burlington, and then back home again in Brattleboro.

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Burke, Kornheiser, Toleno deserve re-election as Brattleboro reps

I am excited to endorse Brattleboro's State Representatives Mollie S. Burke, Emilie Kornheiser, and Tristan Toleno for re-election to the Vermont Legislature. Over the course of my campaign for U.S. Senate in the August Democratic primary, I came to know each of our representatives better, and more fully appreciate...

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Artu and Hashim will bring new energy, experience to Senate

I am excited to support the campaigns of Wichie Artu and Nader Hashim. These two young men have proven track records delivering results for the people of Windham County and will bring needed new energy and experience to the Vermont Senate. Both Wichie and Nader care deeply about our...

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So much for ‘local control’

As voting rights are under attack nationally, Brattleboro residents voted in 2019 to go a different path and expand the right to vote in local elections to 16- and 17-year-olds. On Feb. 11, however, Gov. Phil Scott signaled he would veto this change to the town's charter. Gov. Scott has hidden behind cries for “local control” in burdening local school officials with mask policy-setting and blowback. But when it comes to expanding voting rights, apparently he has no respect for...

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Easy enough to forcibly medicate psychiatric patients against their will

I respectfully disagree with Paul Capcara's conclusion that Vermont should expedite the process for forcibly medicating psychiatric patients. I watched my grandmother strapped down and injected with these drugs while she pleaded for nurses to stop. The drugs made it easier for the nurses to manage my grandmother. But to her, blurry vision, chronic dry mouth, anxiety, and intolerable restlessness were just a few of the long-lasting side effects she associated with her daily toxic regimen. As a health-care worker...

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