Elliott Greenblott

Brattleboro gasoline: market pricing or price gouging?

Another local news outlet notified us that gasoline prices in Vermont have dropped below $4 a gallon.

I guess that either Brattleboro seceded from Vermont, or we were invaded and surrendered to New Hampshire. As of April 21, pump prices in Brattleboro remained above $4 a gallon except for one station on Canal Street.

Is this a matter of market pricing or price gouging?

I travel around the region and the state of Vermont and find that virtually everywhere in the state gas prices are lower. From the small town of Mount Holly, to Springfield, to Bradford, Newport, and Montpelier, you will find lower prices.

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Letters mischaracterized proposed changes in retired teachers’ health care benefits

For the past seven years, my life focus has been in calling out fraud, scams, and scammers. As a columnist, radio talk show invitee, video series host and producer, and presenter, I seek out scams and work to educate the public. Linda Hay and David Kolkebeck wrote letters to...

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Make your vote count

Voting for the 2020 general election in Vermont is underway. The Vermont Secretary of State's office recently mailed ballots to all registered voters. If you do not receive a ballot in the mail, check to see if you are a registered voter. This is easily done at mvp.vermont.gov, or...

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Why are gas stations and distributors squeezing the locals?

I have always believed that one of the basic laws of economics is that of supply and demand. We have come to expect that when demand is high, prices tend to rise and when demand is low, they may drop. That appears to be true for most items - except for gasoline in Windham County. While nationally, the price of gas has dropped significantly at the pump for the past two months, the prices at stations in this county have...

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A temporary poll location change in Brattleboro

Voting in the General Election has started in Vermont. As we announced, Election Day voting in Brattleboro will be at the VFW at 40 Black Mountain Rd. (off Putney Road) on Nov. 8 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. But there is no need to wait. Early voting began on Sept. 23 and extends the opportunity for voters. Early or absentee voting is easy and fast. You can visit the Town Clerk's office during regular business hours and vote. If...

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Success comes from community effort

The Brattleboro Area Jewish Community expresses its sincere thank you to the Vermont businesses that provided support to our fundraising efforts on March 15 to assist area families in need. We also greatly appreciate the assistance of our local volunteers in this effort and, most of all, we thank the many individuals and families who came from local communities and as far away as Manchester and Keene, N.H., for their support of our event. Our klezmer concert and Purim benefit...

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