Michelle Bos-Lun

My breakthrough case

Even a vaccinated Vermonter could spread Covid to someone vulnerable. None of us wants to do that.

On Aug. 7, Vermont recorded 112 cases of Covid - at the time the highest single-day count since April 29.

I was one of those cases.

I was also the third person in my household to test positive for Covid with a breakthrough case this past week. All of us were fully vaccinated. (Twenty people who spent time with us during days we were potentially contagious have tested negative - the vaccines are working, with a small number of exceptions).

My son and I had very minor symptoms. My 60-year-old husband had a few rougher days, but he felt good by day five. While uncomfortable, he never experienced any life-threatening symptoms and was never close to needing hospitalization.

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Justice for people and planet

Leaders and legislators must support all people, especially those historically marginalized

There has never been a more important election in my lifetime than what we are in the midst of this fall. The future of our nation, our state, and our Supreme Court are all at stake. I decided to run for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives...

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‘We are interconnected’

‘Policies that promote justice and an opportunity for people to thrive, that prioritize sustainability and address climate change, are the heart of my campaign’

The motto for my campaign is “For People and Planet.” Policies that promote justice and an opportunity for people to thrive, that prioritize sustainability and address climate change, are the heart of my campaign. I am eager to work with other state representatives to increase renewable energy, improve public...

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A love that crosses countries and cultures

In 2017, I fell in love for the first time - with a group of Iraqi and American youth. I was working with the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP), a program run by World Learning in Brattleboro and funded by the U.S. State Department. It offered a month-long experience to 29 Iraqi and 10 American students and three staff the chance to live and learn for a month together in the United States. I served as a teacher, travel...

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Creating connections, bridging divides

Three years ago, I was looking for a new job when a former student told me she knew of positions for teachers in Iraq. I thought, “Iraq - why would anyone want to go there?” Iraq was a place I had no interest in going. It felt dangerous. As an educator who has spent most of my life providing and delivering cross-cultural learning opportunities, helping young Americans broaden their understanding and build connections with the other residents on our planet,

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Truth and consequences

In late May, I was hired to coordinate student activities at Tsinghua International School in Beijing, China. I gave notice then for my job at Youth Services, where I had worked for nearly five years, and prepared to move abroad for at least a year at the beginning of August. I had a signed contract to work in Beijing. A work permit was issued in the city, as well as a formal letter of invitation from Tsinghua, my school. But...

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Piece intended to educate on one aspect of marijuana use

I am not sure where Daniel Cohen got the idea that (to quote his letter) the piece I wrote [“Buzz kill,” Viewpoint, April 16] “wants to maintain the thoroughly useless, life-destroying, tax-funded War on Drugs.” My intention (as stated in the piece) was to “educate, not legislate.” From my Viewpoint: “Should legalization occur, the state Legislature would certainly need to include funding for major educational programs to inform youth and parents about the connections between marijuana and mental health.” My...

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Buzz kill

The correlation between cannabis - marijuana - and “negative mental health outcomes” has been “unequivocally established,” reports the Indian Journal of Psychiatry. More than 30 other studies from around the world, from countries that include Sweden, Australia, and the United Kingdom, have shown the same. Yet the sentiment in the United States, espoused even by our president in a recent interview with The New York Times, is that smoking marijuana is merely a “bad habit” and “not very different from...

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