John Penford

A prescription for progressives to break the two-party system

The Democratic Party establishment rigged and then cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination in the primary election. Instead, they chose an establishment, corporate candidate with deep roots in Wall Street.

The miscalculation was plainly evident with the critical counties in the Rust Belt states that voted solidly for Sanders and then solidly for Donald Trump. This result aptly highlights the dissonance between the Democratic Party and its mass of supporters.

For liberals and progressives, those underhanded actions during the Primary are not the values that we should be embracing. The Democratic Party has totally lost contact with its core supporters.

Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have for years used people, abused and manipulated them, and then cast them aside. Each election cycle, we go through this sickening charade of persuasion, and once the vote is secured, voters are of no further use and can then be discarded.

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The establishment reaps what it has sown

The “people's choice” that underpins U.S. democracy is being beautifully exposed as a myth by the presidential primaries. It is a figment, assiduously crafted and repeatedly burnished by the establishment to make people believe they are in control. It makes the people feel good about themselves. This is much...

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Thou shalt not sleep

Police officers are civil servents. Was this episode an accurate depictionof how a civil servent should behave?

On a recent trip to New York, I had a meal in the food court at Grand Central Station prior to catching my train back to New Haven. The food court was packed with people, the hustle and bustle fascinating to watch and a pleasant hubbub to listen to.

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Egypt, and the hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy

The events sweeping the Middle East are causing great difficulty for some and, in particular, our present, fine administration. For decades, successive administrations have turned a blind eye to all the outrageous human rights abuses meted out to a defenseless Egyptian population. For decades, Hosni Mubarak has been a faithful ally to America. In return, he receives $3 billion in U.S. aid each year, along with all the military equipment needed to suppress the Egyptian people. The quid pro quo...

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Moses and the land of milk and honey

Since the election, there has been a growing perception of deception on a massive scale. Just a year ago, despite the collapse of free-market capitalism, people seemed to be more upbeat, more ebullient. We all looked forward to an era of truth and meaningful government. In a year, that feeling has been almost totally crushed, as one after another the promises of a year ago have been discarded, tossed into the gutter. We all had such high hopes after the...

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An imperialist U.S. heads toward another guerrilla war

The reasons justifying the American presence in Afghanistan and their strategy change from day to day. Neither the lunatics running this misguided affair nor their media experts can adequately explain why we are there. According to British General Richard Dannatt, it is nation building. How do you build a nation, which has a foreign culture that you know nothing about? The notion is an absurd idea of an arrogant imperial mind. How many times have the Brits tried this and...

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Conned and manipulated

In a normal healthy democracy, the elected government represents the people - and their best interests, which usually means the interests of the majority. With this financial catastrophe staring us straight in the face and the election of a new president (with all his promises) still fresh in our minds, it is becoming glaringly obvious that we do not have a democracy. We do have a flourishing corpocracy - government through corporations, for corporations, and by corporations. We have to...

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