Judy Davidson

We don’t need to merge

Nothing in the proposed Act 46 merger will benefit Brattleboro children or taxpayers

The consequence of the proposed school-district merger for Brattleboro, Guilford, Dummerston, and Putney?

All towns will lose their respective local elementary school boards, and all decisions on policy, curriculum, and finances for all children - from pre-kindergarten through the high school and the Windham Regional Career Center - will be made by a single board of nine individuals elected from the different towns.

People supporting the merger say, “Well, the Brattleboro Union High School board functions well.” But the BUHS board is involved only in decisions affecting middle school and high school students' curriculum and only two buildings.

I believe that even the most dedicated and diligent board member would find it impossible to be well-informed on the extremely different educational and social needs of such a wide age-range of children and the additional financial issues of six elementary-school facilities.

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Schoales sees the big picture with town finances, education reform

This year, Windham County residents are lucky enough to have three excellent candidates running for the Vermont state senate. I have decided to support David Schoales, because for several years I have watched him in action as he has served Brattleboro in his role as both a school board...

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Slow down the rush to accelerated merger

Several weeks ago, I attended a meeting for Brattleboro residents about the proposed accelerated merger, which the Act 46 Study Committee wants all towns to vote on in June. Very few Brattleboro residents were there because there wasn't a lot of publicity about this meeting. That was unfortunate because...

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Let’s not put the cart before the horse with police/fire project

At a recent Brattleboro Selectboard meeting, the board voted 3-2 to go ahead and add interest for another $4 million bond for the Police/Fire Station Project to this year's budget. This additional money will be voted upon by Town Meeting members in March. Although I understand the wish of some board members to move this project ahead for the sake of the members of the police and fire departments, I strongly urged them not to do so. Instead, I urged...

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The need is there, but Brattleboro can’t afford to do all three projects at once

I am writing to urge all voters in Brattleboro to get out and vote on April 17 on the town budget. I am a town meeting representative who originally voted in favor of the police/fire proposal because, having toured the facilities, I could see the need. I can still see the need, but I no longer feel that town taxpayers can afford to do all three projects at the same time. Most town meeting reps at the meeting this March...

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Legislature must avoid rush toward\ill-informed Vermont Yankee decision

Many of us who are concerned about the safety and reliability of Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee want to make sure that the legislature has ample time to study and discuss all the issues related to the relicensing of ENVY. You can be sure, though, that Entergy will wait until the last minute (having ignored the February deadline) to present a deal that might give some kind of break on rates to Vermonters. Then they will put extreme pressure on the...

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