Peggy Farabaugh

NorthStar negotiations a beacon of hope for the country

The state of Vermont's agreement to NorthStar's proposed plan to decommission Vermont Yankee decades ahead of schedule is a green light for Vernon and Windham County's financial future.

The fact that almost all intervenors and involved parties were able to make an agreement after lengthy, inclusive negotiations is a beacon of hope for the rest of our country. Thank you to all the principled, hard-working people involved.

I implore the Vermont Public Utility Commission to recognize the once-in-a-lifetime benefits to my town, Vernon. A safe, swift, environmentally sound decommissioning as early as eight years from now will be the foundation of the town's development in the 21st century.

Bring it on!...

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Until VY is decommissioned, Vernon’s economic opportunities remain out of reach

Many thanks to Adam Grinold and the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC) for their support of the NorthStar project to decommission Vermont Yankee. Grinold's op-ed raises some excellent points about the importance of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity regarding the redevelopment of the site within the next decade. The Vermont Yankee...

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PSB: Approve VY sale to NorthStar

I was among the Windham County business people who attended the recent informational briefing by NorthStar CEO Scott State. Mr. State described a well-thought-out proposal to decommission and prepare the VY site for a new employer as soon as 2026. NorthStar has handled much larger projects than VY. The...

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When a business encounters a copyright troll

My company works with Vermont craftspeople to market and sell their furniture online and at our new gallery and showroom in Vernon. We put a lot of time and resources into creating our fine furniture website. It's where we publish original photos, artwork, opinions, and ideas. On the bottom of every page is a note indicating that all of our content is copyrighted. Still, we do find content gets taken or imitated by competitors from time to time. It's frustrating.

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