John Hatton

Retreat Farm gives back to nonprofits

This is a shout-out to the wonderful people at the Retreat Farm, especially the new executive director, Kristin Sullivan, and the director of development, Jenny Crowell.

For the first Food Truck Roundup of the season, the Retreat Farm made the Community Asylum Seekers Project (CASP) the first beneficiary of the organization's Collective Impact Program.

The Retreat Farm has donated part of their admission tickets to local nonprofits all summer! We at CASP are greatly appreciative. Thanks to the Retreat Farm for giving back to our community.

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Wessel: good listener, team player, evenhanded, and deliberate in his actions

I've known Tim Wessel, who seeks to represent Windham County in the state Legislature, for over 20 years; he has always impressed me as being a good listener, a team player, thoughtful, evenhanded and deliberate in his actions. I have greatly appreciated the work that he's done on the...

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Appreciates Kornheiser’s leadership style

I strongly support Emilie Kornheiser's candidacy and election to the office of state representative. I had the pleasure of serving with Emilie on the Brattleboro Food Co-op's board of directors and found her to be a clear and thoughtful thinker, very good listener, and team player, able to help...

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‘Liquid gold’ for the betterment of the planet

I expect that few know the Rich Earth Institute by name, but most have heard about our work - collecting urine, using it to fertilize some local hayfields, and saving some of the 1.2 trillion gallons of potable water we use to flush small amounts of urine down our toilets. Lots of you saw us strolling with the heifers and joined us in the memorable cheer, “Give us a pee!” This work may be frivolous in how it sounds -

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