Lynn Bedell

Budget veto: the governor’s petulant act

In this year of political polarity, I was proud and heartened when the Vermont Legislature passed its budget with tri-partisan support and only one dissenting vote. That is until Governor Phil Scott vetoed it.

I believe the governor's veto cannot be classified as anything but a political ploy, since the budget, as presented, is balanced, invests in growing our economy, and supports working families.

While campaigning, Scott insisted he was committed to working across the aisle in the best interests of Vermont. I believe many Vermonters voted for him because they believed this pledge, which turns out to be nothing more than campaign rhetoric.

I still believe that Vermont is better than this. I encourage Legislators to vote to override this petulant act by a governor who has proven he is not a man of his word.

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These three women deserve your vote in Newfane

Voters of Newfane should welcome the coming election, which comes after years of strife in our local government. This year, we will be able to choose from a fine slate of candidates. First, let me say that Gloria Cristelli deserves to be re-elected as town clerk, not only for...

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White’s win in Democratic primary far from guaranteed

I just want to remind everyone that there is a big Democratic Party primary in Windham County on Aug. 26, when four candidates vie for two spots on the ballot in November for Windham County senator. Jeanette White is the only incumbent and definitely deserves our vote, not only...

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