Gordon Korstange

Who’s our daddy?

At last it comes out: Phil Scott, Daddy.

Of course we kind of knew it, since he was just like most daddies: While the family would argue and plan what to do, Phil/Daddy would sit in the living room reading a newspaper and think about being off to the races.

Then, after his family came to him with the proposals, he would rear up and be the “adult” in the room and, like many daddies, say “No, no, no. I won't go, and you can't either, unless you follow my big-voice directions."

Back to the children's room to change our plans.

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Why the change in parties, Mr. Allbee?

Roger Allbee, a lifelong “liberal Republican,” is reported to have changed to the Democratic party because the Republican party “no longer has room” for people like him. Allbee did not elaborate on why Vermont Republicans have suddenly become so un-liberal. Nor did he mention what he meant by “liberal”

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