L. Raymond Massucco

President’s litigation: the legal equivalent of a temper tantrum

I thought I'd be content to know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had been elected as president and vice president, respectively.

While I am extraordinarily happy that they have done so, the Republican whining is getting tiresome - not that their guy lost, but the unfounded attacks on our system of voting.

Despite loud cries of “fraud,” “dead people voted,” “the election was stolen,” etc., they have a lousy track record in court. Other than one minor procedural ruling over poll watching, they have now lost more than 40 lawsuits attempting to reverse the outcome in several states and multiple jurisdictions, both state and federal.

As a lawyer, I appreciate that some lawsuits are like tilting at windmills and you have to do them as a matter of principle. But you have to have at least some modicum of grounds to file a lawsuit or the basis to try and convince a court that you have a new legal theory that deserves to become the law. I've had a couple of those that were successful.

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Barnett takes his job seriously

Lamont Barnett is running for re-election as an assistant judge for Windham County. He deserves your support and your vote in the Aug. 26 Democratic primary election. Judge Barnett has been involved in public service for about 40 years, from his six years in the U.S. Navy to his...

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