Leonard S. Bull

Allbee offers rich agricultural heritage, experience

This time it is different! The future of Vermont is at a tipping point, and Vermonters are begging to replace the old party rhetoric, partisanship, and tired platitudes with leadership, cooperation, and a sense of community that excites citizens to pull together for the common good.

And Windham County needs a legislative representative with vision, commitment, and integrity. Windham County needs Roger Allbee, a friend and colleague for more than 30 years who offers experience in management of the new normal.

His understanding of the financial and credit markets led to a successful career with Farm Credit. At a time of crisis when the future of the agency was at risk, his ability to work cooperatively and effectively within the D.C. political system resulted in his role as a major player in saving the Farm Credit system.

Roger Allbee's love of Vermont comes from a 200-year-old family heritage, and agriculture and dairies run in his blood as part of his legacy.

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