Suzanne Kingsbury

Fear and denial are thieving companions

Thank you to The Commons, Diana Whitney, and everyone brave enough to step out of the mold of silence.

Windham County wants to be a safe house of progressives' social responsibility, and when a challenge to these ideals move from being abstract to trampling our backyards, we find ourselves in a certain kind of slippery messiness.

It is almost impossible to look at abuse in your family, relationship, classroom, or community and not flinch. But what Diana and other advocates of the #MeToo movement are brave enough to speak out for is every human's primal need for this: safety.

Fear and denial are thieving companions. They will starve us with ideas of scarcity and emotional drought until we believe that in order to survive we must stay silent and comply.

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The messy evolution of a revolution

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not so clear — but that’s how movements start

The people on Wall Street are cold, so I just sent some money for sleeping bags for the protestors in their dandy little plastic handcuffs. In general, I believe in the religion of revolution. I'm going through one myself right now, which comes on the heels of a tremendous...

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On the grow

Youth Agricultural Project offers life lessons for area teens

Jeff Ford, 17, is working with the Youth Agriculture Project (YAP). When asked what he likes best, he says, “I like everything.” “I applied because I wanted a job outside,” Annelise Kloster, 19, says. “I also like the idea of working with people my own age.” Both are part...

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A milestone for local skateboarders

The Crowell Lot, situated at the intersection of High and Union streets, now contains a basketball court, park benches, swing sets and plenty of shade trees. It might soon also be home to Brattleboro's first outdoor skate park. On May 17, the Selectboard approved the lease of the property, which is owned by the Brattleboro School District, to the town. The Crowell Lot won the town's support after a planned skate park near the West River along Route 30 was...

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