Becca Balint

Hashim, Harrison will represent us well in Montpelier

I'm proud to support Nader Hashim and Wendy Harrison in their races to represent Windham County in the state Senate.

In the years I've known Nader - as a state trooper and state representative - I've seen his thoughtful, compassionate, and inquisitive approach. He will be dedicated to his constituents, listen with an open mind, and serve with integrity.

Wendy is passionate about good government and using her skills to help Vermonters. As a leader with the Windham & Windsor Housing Trust and on transportation and municipal issues, I've seen her collaborate with residents and businesses to skillfully solve problems.

Nader and Wendy bring a powerful combination of life experience and leadership skills to the table. This dynamic team will represent us well in Montpelier.

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A hallowed promise

‘This year, that conversation is more important than ever as we collectively work to fight the pandemic and support a strong recovery. Our shared work must prioritize Vermonters’ safety and well-being, build economic security, and advance equity and justice.’

Like the Speaker of the House said, the past 36 hours have shaken us. And I know I speak for so many Vermonters when I say that I watched in sadness, alarm, and disgust at the scenes that unfolded in our nation's capital yesterday. The insurgency in D.C. took...

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Sharing strength

‘We must come together as Jews and non-Jews to publicly condemn this hatred’

Welcome into this circle of light. Thank you for coming here tonight to gather to create warmth and light. Thank you for setting aside space in your heart and in your evening to come here to honor the dead in Pittsburgh. Thank you for gathering together at a time...

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A Vermont homecoming

So have you ever been really homesick? So homesick that you can feel it in your chest or your stomach? Well, I felt that the year I lived abroad in the very mysterious kingdom of Wyoming. My wife is from Wyoming, and when we got married, she had warned me that “living in Wyoming is like living in a time warp. It's really 20 years behind the rest of the country.” And she said it's “sort of like the cowboy...

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Multiple legislators urge vote for Minter

As the primary approaches, and Vermonters evaluate who our next governor ought to be, Sue Minter has separated herself from the pack and proven herself to be the strongest choice for not just Windham County, but for all Vermonters on Election Day. We first witnessed Sue's leadership during her service in Vermont's House of Representatives. There, she fought to maintain essential services during the recession, making sure we didn't leave Vermonters behind. Her excellent work in the aftermath of Tropical...

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Balint thanks supporters

I thank everyone who took the time to vote on Primary Election Day. Whether you cast your vote for me or for one of the other strong candidates in the race, I am grateful for your engagement in the political process. Democracy only works when we fulfill our civic duties. I also want to express my gratitude to my supporters and all those who worked on my primary campaign. Running for office is a huge project. My success in the...

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Balint: Meaningful conversations can bring positive change

From my porch on South Main Street, I have a great view of the diversity we have here in Windham County: longtime Vermonters whose families have lived here for generations; young families building new lives here; industry's rumbling trucks; and boisterous conversations among diverse groups of teenagers as they walk downtown from our neighborhood. I love this place, although I didn't always feel this way. My spouse, Elizabeth, and I bought our house in this bustling, but rough-around-the-edges, neighborhood because...

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