Annamarie Pluhar

Rethinking cohabitation

There are many ways to share housing. Changing how we think about living together could have benefits for all of us.

Annamarie Pluhar is executive director and founder of Sharing Housing, Inc., a nonprofit organization promoting shared housing as a viable and enjoyable answer to the joint crises of housing affordability and loneliness facing our society through education and advocacy. To read excerpts from the forum on housing to which Pluhar is responding, see "Crushing the housing crisis" [Voices Live! Forum, April 10].

BRATTLEBORO-It was enlightening to hear Rep. Becca Balint describe the omnibus housing bill she is working on with her fellow congressional representatives. It is shocking to hear of a half-a-trillion-dollar price tag! but it is so appropriate - housing is a basic need.

Almost at the close of the talk, Windham Regional Commission Executive Director Chris Campany says, "Younger workers [...] are only going to rent a room in a house for so long, in your late 20s, early 30s, before you say, 'I probably need to do something different.'"...

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Brattleboro could easily help connect people with housing

It is good that the Brattleboro Selectboard is concerned about affordable housing. One way to make housing more affordable is to share it. It's an age-old solution. A concrete action that town could take is to host a page on the town website where people could post space available...

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Should we have co-working space in Brattleboro?

When we two Vermonters walked into a co-working space in San Francisco, we gasped. In front of us was a large room with long tables at which people were sitting at laptops. It was quiet. Some people were walking around. A tour showed us the phone booths, a conference...

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