Pamela Simmons

Proud of GunSense founder

I am so proud of what Ann Braden has done, and I have been honored to work with her on GunSense Vt. projects. I believe she will be an amazing senator when her time comes.

(Also, her successor is Clai Lasher-Sommers, not Lashman.)


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We must find balance between business needs and compassion

I sat down with Turquoise Grille owners Declan O'Donnell and Hale Kiziltan; we talked about the issue, sharing feelings on both sides. I have been homeless and I have fought addiction, so for me the signs triggered feelings that I hadn't had in many years. After talking this through...

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Accentuate the positive

Nothing like taking a positive and turning it into a negative. First, I'd like to point out a quote from a wonderful 8-year-old boy: “It doesn't say that hate doesn't grow; it says it doesn't grow well.” Even at age 8, he knew that the banner was a good...

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Destruction and lawbreaking: foolish and irresponsible

I have to agree with Sandra Golden. As much as I believe that voicing our opinions and protesting out loud is necessary, encouraging people to destroy property and break the law is not only foolish but also irresponsible. I don't care for Donald Trump or his supporters, but I would hope that most of us - no matter how much we dislike any of them - would refrain from lowering ourselves to the level that Prudence Merriman spoke of [“It's...

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Shame on lawmakers

This is wrong on so many levels. Let's spend more time and energy on deciding the state dog or vegetable. With the lack of aftercare for addicts trying to get clean, and not helping those at risk of suicide, we are essentially telling folks at risk that we really don't care. Those in government should be ashamed of themselves; as a Vermont Democrat who voted some of these folks into office, I am also ashamed.

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Glad for Opal’s return

I hope we can encourage Opal Robinson to get back into her writing or her art - it is therapeutic. My hope is that the bullying in the local schools will somehow be stopped. So glad she's home safe. Good luck to her and the family.

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Jumping the gun?

Here's my issue with a proposed gas plant in Vernon: the Kinder-Morgan natural-gas pipeline hasn't even been approved in Massachusetts. Shouldn't folks wait and see where that stands first? Besides, the environmental impact is hardly worth it. Especially along our Connecticut River.

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We must consider handgun laws after double homicide

This story was very well-written: facts stated, neutrality kept. I would now like to see if the handgun laws can be looked at. Michael Martin at the Brattleboro Food Co-op, Katelyn McFadden, and now these two deaths: Something needs to be done. And let's make sure that Robin O'Neill also gets the mental-health care that she needs.

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