Devon J. Starlanyl

We don't need to go to war. We only need to learn from history - and vote.

In the beginning of our history, patriots realized the necessity for the separation from Great Britain. In our Declaration of Independence, they wrote their reasons, including these self-evident facts about King George:

• He refused to obey the laws.

• He did not allow his governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance until he gave his assent.

• He has obstructed the administration of justice.

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Early-childhood trauma, inflicted by Trump policies, will cause illness

Medical research indicates that early trauma, whether physical or emotional, can lead to hypersensitization of the central nervous system - the brain and spinal cord - in later years. Central sensitization conditions such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and/or migraine cause misery. Early trauma, whether physical or emotional, can...

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Rep. Welch: please endorse Sanders for president

I write to urge U.S. Representative Peter Welch to endorse Bernie Sanders for president. It is disturbing to me that Sen. Leahy and Gov. Shumlin have endorsed Hillary Clinton, the pro-war, pro-GMO, pro-1-percent candidate, against the candidate of the 99 percent. I am disturbed because of Clinton's obvious faithlessness;

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The worst in us

In many ways, American society is very harsh. We embrace competition and predatory business behavior while showing little sympathy for those who get cleaned out by the predators. Someone who is unlucky in business, or helpless against the invisible tides of addiction, is allowed to live homeless and to go to waste or worse. Take what happened the other day when the cops in St. Petersburg, Fla., sliced up the tents in a homeless encampment with box cutters. We avoid...

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