Damaris A. Mills

‘And they wonder why people are still protesting’

A Black mother reflects on a lifetime of exhaustion and fear for the safety of her family

I so heard Amber Arnold [“Dear white people,” Viewpoint, June 3], when she asked you to “protect Black and Brown children,” “Black men,” and “black and brown bodies.”

I, too, am a Black mother.

When I saw the live, up-close-and-personal killing of George Floyd, I couldn't stop crying for the first four days, because, like Amber, I immediately thought about my boys, Gershom and Justin, and my grandsons, Jai, Justin Jr., and the other dozen of my grandchildren.

It hit me even harder when I found out that George Floyd was 46...and my son just turned 46!...

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Can we all get along?

For one black mother, the violence in Ferguson brings back memories of a lifetime of racial discomfort

After watching all of this violence in Ferguson, Mo., I have truly returned to my earlier years, when the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement were in full force. Watching the rioting reminded me of all the rioting that went on in the '60s, when I was still...

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