John Dunham

Can we extend hands to one another and find common political ground?

It is Martin Luther King day, a day when we honor a man and a movement for civil rights unique in our nation's history, and so it is appropriate that I am spending today contemplating the civil rights we so desperately need.

The event, Crossing Political Divides, is an attempt by many of us in the area to find a way over the gulfs that seem wider every day. Some 45 of us have gathered in a classroom at the School for International Training to see if those divides are too great or if we can still reach across.

As a beginning, we are watching a short clip of Van Jones, a Black man with political power, discussing politics with a family on the opposite side.

The man who says it is our last chance is white, a Trump voter, and a man who, in that moment, I entirely agree with. This is our last chance to get it right. We are both patriots. We both see the needs of our country. We both feel, desperately, that things cannot go on as they have.

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Dream world

Anyone who lives in a state such as Vermont, where there is minimal public transportation and everyone drives, and who opposes nuclear power is living in a dream world of misinformation and denial. And they are hypocrites.

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