Eddie Cutler

Vermont is the safest state in the country

Ann Braden, let's set the record straight.

Yes, I am the president and founder of the Gun Owners of Vermont.

No, we are not an affiliate of Gun Owners of America, and you know that. So, as usual, you are - to put it mildly - stretching the truth.

As a matter of fact, you and your sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg have spent almost half a million dollars in this state in the past few years trying to push his agenda.

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Gun group has nothing to hide, wants a debate

The Commons quotes Ann Braden: “This is not about being pro-gun or anti-gun. It's about gun responsibility.” If Braden were only truthful in her statement. For the past 230 years, Vermonters have been the safest and most responsible firearm owners in this country. That is why we are the...

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Gun confiscation a true threat worth fighting

Michael Balamuth, not only do I think you are wrong, but history also proves you are wrong. First a disclaimer: I am the president of the Gun Owners of Vermont. As such, I am kind of an expert on firearms legislation. I am not a member of the National...

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Good, honest Vermonters have owned guns for 200 years

I feel that I have to set the record straight. Fact: According to the FBI, the number of firearms murders in Vermont is two per year. This statistic is also confirmed by the Vermont Department of Public safety's crime report. Fact: Since 1996, when the Brady Bill was first enacted, there were 357,000 firearms purchased in Vermont. This is from a report from the FBI which oversees the background checks. This figure doesn't include the millions of firearms that were...

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