Stephanie Greene

We must confront paradox of Palestinian suffering and Hamas's atrocities

How history repeats itself. As I encounter people saying that the Palestinian situation justifies the barbarism of Hamas, I think of the American leftists who wouldn't hear anything against Joseph Stalin.

In his 30 years of power in Russia and, later, the Soviet Union, Stalin engineered the murder of millions -all in the service of creating a Communist utopia.

He called for the eradication of the Kulaks, or peasants who owned more than 8 acres of land. He imprisoned in the Soviet gulag system - or simply murdered - anyone deemed an enemy of the state. His policies exacerbated the Ukrainian famine of the early 1930s, starving millions.

These horrors were rationalized as the ends justifying the means.

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Moran: A good job

John Moran is a nonpartisan leader who has done a good job serving our district. He has held regular office hours in every town he represents and makes a point of trying to help all of his constituents, regardless of their politics. He has voted to expand credit to...

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