Philip Taylor

Sibilia: A natural at the Statehouse

Though I am not a voter in her district, I have been fortunate to know Laura Sibilia as a friend and as an associate as we continue to work in the Legislature to protect the interests of small schools and rural communities.

What has impressed me most about Laura is her natural talent to be a strong, outspoken advocate for all Valley towns and schools. I have spent numerous occasions walking the halls of the capital building with her while the legislature was in session. She has a remarkable ability to connect with our legislators and clearly present the issues facing our residents.

I recall one occasion when a powerful Senate leader passed by and squawked at her with amusement about a legislative proposal on economic development that she was advocating. He commented that it didn't have much of a chance.

She smiled, and joked back with the senator, inviting him to look at how the proposal would benefit all towns in the area and address a vital issue that affected all of southern Vermont.

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