Olga Peters

Brattleboro sets policy for dependent care

With new reimbursements for dependent care, a large raise in stipends, and a more regular pay schedule, the Selectboard advances a goal set at Annual Representative Town Meeting: to make it possible for people to attend board meetings with much less financial stress

In an effort to make serving on the Selectboard easier and to break some of the financial barriers to town government leadership, the town will begin reimbursing its members for child care and elder care.

In the new fiscal year, which begins July 1, board members will be able to claim dependent care expenses accrued during official board meetings.

The reimbursement can be used to pay a babysitter, a home health aide, a family member, or anyone who provides care.

The board also approved distributing the board stipends and dependent care reimbursements monthly, a measure that would keep cash flowing more smoothly for members with tight budgets.

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Townshend joins communications union district

Manwaring, John re-elected to lead DVFiber at annual meeting

“Do you have something to say? Are you just frozen with your hand up?” DVFiber Chair Ann Manwaring asked while taking a vote during the annual online meeting of the communications union district (CUD). “I think I'm frozen on your screen,” a member called out. Manwaring shook her head.

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Brattleboro school upgrade gets voters’ OK

Voters from four district towns overwhelmingly approve Academy School renovation, expansion

By a vote of 508–126, voters of the Windham Southeast School District authorized spending up to $2 million to renovate portions of the Academy School on May 11. The school, in West Brattleboro, serves students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The renovation project includes improving indoor air quality, replacing...

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Plan envisions arts as infrastructure

Vermont's creative sector can contribute to thriving post-pandemic communities. To do so, the creative sector - and the people who work within it - require state and local investment. So said speakers at the May 3 launch of CreateVT Action Plan. The plan is centered around two ideas: that the arts are part of Vermont's essential infrastructure, and that the state and communities will benefit from funding and supporting the arts just as they do roads, bridges, and schools. “We...

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Four towns to vote on fixing school in Brattleboro

Voters of the Windham Southeast School District will decide on Tuesday, May 11 whether to authorize borrowing up to $2 million to renovate the Academy School in West Brattleboro, which serves students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The proposed renovations include measures to improve indoor air quality, replacing windows in 14 classrooms, reconfiguring a classroom to support small group learning, bulldozing a temporary modular unit, and building a 2,000-square-foot addition. In a press release, engineering and architecture firm Stevens &

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Tri-Park Cooperative Housing picked for possible federal funding

Funding for infrastructure work at the Tri-Park Cooperative Housing is one of 10 projects selected by U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., for Community Project Funding (known as earmarks) in the federal fiscal year 2022 appropriations bill. If authorized, the organization could receive up to $1.3 million. “This is very exciting and very wonderful,” Tri-Park Board President Kay Curtis said. According to Curtis, in 2011, Tropical Storm Irene damaged 20 homes in the park. If the park keeps losing homes to...

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Andrew arrested for federal financial crimes

The principal figure in an educational nonprofit's acquisition of the former Marlboro College campus in 2019 was arrested early Tuesday morning in New York City on three charges of financial fraud. Seth Andrew has been removed as president of Democracy Builders Fund, the owner of the campus on South Street, and from the board of directors of Degrees of Freedom, the program emerging on Potash Hill. He has entered a plea of not guilty to federal charges of wire fraud,

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Brattleboro takes steps toward sustainability

Efficiency, energy generation, energy storage, electrification, and planning are the top priorities the town will use to guide future capital energy projects. The Selectboard has unanimously approved staff's recommendations for creating the Fossil Fuel Free Facilities Fund, with a goal of eliminating the municipality's use of fossil fuels and simultaneously saving money. Each year, the town will invest $70,000 into the fund, which will be similar to the town's capital improvement fund but with a specific focus on energy-related projects...

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