David Deen and Mike Mrowicki

Deen, Mrowicki: Looking forward to busy legislative calendar

Thanks to the voters of the Windham-4 district of Westminster, Putney, and Dummerston for re-electing us to work for you in the Vermont House of Representatives.

With the election behind us, we are already preparing for the tough work ahead in another tough budget year.

Creating a sustainable economy, implementing universal single-payer health care, maintaining student achievement at a cost we can afford, protecting our environment, and providing for the disabled, elderly, and young children are on most folks' list of priorities. We share those.

We also have work from last year to build on, from GMO labeling to broadband access, supporting agriculture and making sure VY's decommissioning process protects everyone's interests. And we will work on having a stronger, local voice in local matters, whether it's a wind turbine or cell tower.

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