Alana Fichman

Sad day for writers

It's a sad day when a writer loses a job. I hope Pat Smith and Mike Fahar find meaningful work that will continue to contribute to their community.


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College junior from Brattleboro wins award to help homeless youth

A few weeks ago if you had asked Marguerite Dooley what she would be doing during her summer vacation, she might have answered that she would be working in Boston or Providence. Instead, she'll be coming home to Brattleboro to implement a project in a community that previously gave...

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Little progress reported in Act 250 proceeding on gravel quarry

Act 250 proceedings are inching along in Halifax, where a Massachusetts-based stone company has proposed a quarry site within the Halifax Conservation District. The proceedings, meant for “reviewing and managing the environmental, social, and fiscal consequences of major subdivisions and developments in Vermont,” began in September. A second all-day...

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Environmental Action Group at Leland & Gray makes a difference

Some of the results of the Leland & Gray Environmental Action Force (LEAF) group are below the surface, such as the garlic they recently planted beneath the snow. Or reducing the amount of trash the school sends to the landfill by approximately 50 percent. The small but committed group of students, teachers, and community members that comprise LEAF has made a striking impact at Leland & Gray, despite its sometimes subtle presence. What is on the surface are prominently displayed...

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Guilford sets date for special election

Now that Town Meeting voters approved expanding the Selectboard from three to five members, a Special Town Meeting has been scheduled to choose the two newcomers. However, Special Town Meeting is just the technical term for what will actually be an all-day election that will take place on Tuesday, April 21, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Town Office on School Road. Voters will be asked to select two candidates for two-year terms on the Selectboard, although one...

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Come as you are

Reuben reads through an iPad voice. The other drop-in centers were too loud and too far away. The noise drove Reuben crazy and his mom, Julie Tamler, told him that he couldn't go all that way just to use his iPad. So they stopped going. But Reuben was bored at home. He needed something social to do, something fun, in a place where people would accept him for who he is. So Julie Tamler started the Inclusion Center, a unique...

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A blooming good idea

There are more than 50 flats of flower seeds in Melissa Masters' basement. They are waiting for the ground to thaw beneath specialized heating pads, so their tender roots can crawl through the soil and shoot upwards into “snap dragons, columbine, blue bonnets...old fashioned flowers.” Masters remembers her backyard as a child and her mother's garden. Flowers you don't find in the supermarket these days. She believes there's a market for these flowers today. Imperfect, of varying sizes and colors,

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Voters to consider ‘playscape’ proposal

Townspeople will decide whether to allow a space designated for children's interaction with the outdoors at the heart of their town. A proposal to create a village green and natural play area on town land is on the agenda for Town Meeting Day on Tuesday, March 3, at 10 a.m. Andy Loughney, an enthusiastic young resident, has provided much of the brains and heart behind the project. In support are Michelle Frehsee of the planning commission, a handful of townspeople...

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