Thomas Joseph

Phil Scott’s word actually means something

Democratic candidate Sue Minter has advanced policy initiatives that will require raising more taxes on struggling Vermonters while worsening our affordability crisis, which her Republican challenger, Phil Scott, was the first candidate to champion.

Scott will eliminate annual budget deficits without raising taxes. In the last six years of the Democratic majority in the legislature, Vermont has run up deficits of $700 million and passed those costs onto Vermonters with a series of new annual taxes.

Vermont simply cannot afford what Sue Minter is offering, as our deficits and tax increases would only increase as they have with six years of Gov. Peter Shumlin. Minter's recent suggestion that 160 services might have to be considered for additional tax revenue evidences she doesn't realize we are living beyond our means.

Lt. Governor Phil Scott has also maintained close relationships with law enforcement and community organizations to monitor our public-health crisis involving heroin. To date, candidate Minter suggests we need only a “crisis manager” while having no substantive plan to address our public-health crisis.

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Phil Scott would bring integrity to the governor’s office

The announcement by the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation that Wells Fargo and Raymond James have entered into settlements with the state stemming from fraud allegations is another wake-up call for Vermonters. They should be cautious about candidate Bruce Lisman, who honed his skills on Wall Street working at...

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In deciding for Shumlin, Legislature chose party over state’s interests

The Legislature's election of Gov. Shumlin as governor was a victory for the old boys' club - the same club that has destroyed much of what America used to be. I voted for Scott Milne and was proud to do so. In many respects, Gov. Shumlin himself turned me...

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