Louise Garfield

State Supreme Court decision brings 1.2-acre parcel closer to conservation in Putney

I write to highlight the importance to Green Commons of Vermont, Inc. of the Vermont Supreme Court's decision giving the green light to Windham & Windsor Housing Trust (WWHT) to purchase land for proposed mixed-income housing units in Putney on property across from the Putney Food Co-op.

Green Commons of Vermont, a Putney-based nonprofit, is now one step closer to purchasing the portion of the property now occupied by the Putney Community Garden and the Sunday Putney Farmers Market.

WWHT and Green Commons of Vermont have worked closely throughout the lengthy planning process for the housing project to determine if housing and community space can coexist on the now-open piece of property. The organizations agreed that splitting the parcel into two parts will address Putney's need for both housing and green space in the village.

Once WWHT signs its purchase and sale agreement for the entire parcel (expected in September) from the property's current owners, the Putney Gateway Associates, WWHT will sell a 1.2-acre piece to Green Commons of Vermont. This land, actively used since 2010, will be preserved for community uses.

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Green Commons: ‘We would like to clarify our position’

In light of recent letters of opinion addressing the proposed housing project in Putney by Windham & Windsor Housing Trust, the directors of Green Commons of Vermont would like to clarify our position. Our mission is to purchase and preserve open, green space for community use. Our first project...

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In Putney, a double solar tax is not warranted

Article 14 on the 2022 Putney ballot asks voters to vote yea or nay on taxing solar farm output. The Town Energy Committee has suggested voting no, after full consideration of the wording of the proposal on the ballot (which had already gone to press) - the reason being...

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What happened to individualism and respect?

I went back to read MacLean Gander's original piece [“From type to stereotype,” Essay, Dec. 5]. I fault the writer, like so many reporters, for casually using statistics, mentioning stereotypes without details - and, more egregiously, both assuming there are agreed-upon stereotypes and going on to lump together all male Trump supporters (without questioning). What happened to individualism and respect for one another's views? Not everyone with a given trait or belief or orientation or color can be placed in...

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‘Alarmist, dogmatic, and rife with inaccuracies’

My experience as a member of the Putney Food Co-op is that it does reflect its cooperative principles in its week-in, week-out operations. It is also a highly community-minded and generous little co-op! The commentary is alarmist, dogmatic, and rife with inaccuracies. The author's frequent use of an unspecified “us,” assumptions about progressive beliefs in Vermont, lack of a definition of democracy and of offending new by-law language, and collection of dreadful stories about other co-ops distracts from the single...

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