Michael Simonds

A comprehensive good-will effort

Because we believe that a wind farm at Stiles Brook is inevitable, we sat down with Iberdrola and negotiated benefits for the citizens of Windham. We did so because our Selectboard wouldn’t.

We participated in the negotiations with Iberdrola, the developer for the possible Stiles Brook Wind Project, and we support the resulting economic partnership proposed for Windham.

We chose to be involved to ensure that all views on the possible wind farm were considered and the best benefits and protections were secured. We believe the wind farm is likely to be approved, and we acted because our Selectboard refused to even discuss the possibility.

The Stiles Brook site is as good as one gets in Vermont. It is located on a plateau between two ridgelines, so only the tops of the turbines will be seen. The site already has massive electrical transmission lines running through it with easy access to the grid.

It has been logged already, and rudimentary roads exist from years of marble being extracted and hauled from there.

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A tale of two utility companies

On Jan. 5, a strong wind storm toppled a dead tree onto some power and phone lines, snapping off the top of a utility pole and knocking out our electricity, phone, and Internet. This took place on an unplowed section of Old Cheney Road in Jamaica near the Windham...

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