Jacqueline Brook

Our current law-breaking president

PUTNEY-Joe Biden, the nation's top law enforcer, is breaking the Leahy Laws. According to the Washington Post: "The United States has quietly approved and delivered more than 100 separate foreign military sales to Israel since the Gaza war began Oct. 7, amounting to thousands of precision-guided munitions, small-diameter bombs, bunker busters, small arms and other lethal aid" - making every single tax-paying American complicit in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Who is responsible for arresting a sitting president who is breaking the law?

Donald Trump, as a former president, has been seeking immunity for his misdeeds. But it's the sitting president who's getting it, from a clearly politicized Department of Justice.

I've been wondering lately whether the United States exports anything of greater value, dollar-wise, than the death and destruction we support all around the globe via our weapons businesses. I count in that category the creation of SARS-CoV-2 and the new, neither safe, nor effective, mRNA vaccines, as products of our (wink wink) "biodefense" efforts, directed from at least 2002 onward by Anthony Fauci. (See Paula Jardine's 8-part series "The US biowarfare project which caused the Covid-19 debacle.") It's unfortunate that that military-industrial complex effort wrought so much blowback here on our own soil. One way or another, the whole entire world is still paying for it. And will be for quite some time.

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A roundup of the incomprehensible

Some of the things I don't understand these days: • How Donald Trump could possibly get insurance deals by inflating the value of his properties. It has always been my experience that the more something was worth, the more it cost to insure it. Do the wealthy get insurance...

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‘Our support is a gigantic green light for Israel’

The writer adds: "I'd like it to be known that in submitting this letter for publication consideration, I appended 12 references to it." I want to make it clear at the outset that war and violence of any sort horrify me. For the U.S., I believe war is merely...

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Omission of candidate from debate is utterly despicable

I was shocked to read Liam Madden's letter. I was shocked that VTDigger chose to exclude him from the recent debate that they hosted between candidates for Vermont's seat in the U.S. Congress, and that no one involved with the debate would talk to him about it. I am very anti-war, so veterans don't earn any extra points with me. And I think the whole climate change conversation is bonkers, characterized by a lot of the same kind of highly...

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Remove the elements of the presidential election that make it a circus

I would like to start a wide-spread conversation about how we elect our president. I think our political system has become ludicrous. We elect a president for four years, but two years in, we start the whole campaign process all over, distracting ourselves from lots of other things going on on the planet for half of our time - if we happen to be paying attention. It's a huge circus, and unfortunately, I think we should all be asking whether...

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Mainstream-media misdirections evident in first Democratic Party debates

It's been amazing to watch how rigged and undemocratic the presidential debates have been. I was surprised to finally see CNN allow anyone else to speak besides Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the last debate. And the NBC debates could not have been a more blatant demonstration of censorship, with lesser-known candidates relegated to the edges of the stage and given almost no questions, so that they were forced to yell and interrupt in order to have just a...

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Climate change: an opportunity by our country and military to expand influence

I think that politicians who pretend to have a plan for a cleaner, greener planet, while simultaneously shoveling money at our agency of death and destruction, the Pentagon (which failed its first-ever audit last year, miserably) are selling us a monstrous lie. The Center for Climate and Security has published a paper, “A Responsibility to Prepare,” in which they talk about the eagerness of many countries for a melted Arctic region. According to the report, “Arctic ice is receding, opening...

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Swimming in our own refuse. Why?

After just walking a very short stretch of road on this Earth Day and nearly filling a 39-gallon trash bag with mostly alcohol containers, I would like to see people who drink and drive and who trash our roadsides sentenced to community service, cleaning up miles of roadway of all this trash. Then I would like to see them made to haul all the bags somewhere where they can stand over a barrel of water and clean all of those...

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