Tim Stevenson and Sherry Maher

Mirante will be missed on Athens Selectboard

We were sorry to learn that, for personal and family reasons, Dennis Mirante has decided not to stand for re-election to the Athens Selectboard.

It is appropriate, therefore, that we take a moment to express our gratitude to him for his service on behalf of the citizens of Athens over the past three years, especially in his efforts to encourage transparency and accountability in our town government.

In particular, we would like to thank him for his unstinting efforts to reduce our local taxes, especially through his advocacy for a budget committee, which the voters approved of at the 2016 Town Meeting, and for moving the town to the presentation of a more complete and clear picture of municipal finances and the proposed budget in the annual Town Report.

This was not an easy tenure for Dennis, as his efforts to introduce change to a rigid status quo were often met with unneighborly hostility.

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Integrity in a time of climate unraveling

The way out of this dilemma is to move the question of climate change out of our heads and into our hearts

On the same day this past August when President Obama was in Baton Rouge offering condolences to victims of a disastrous 1,000-year, climate-powered storm, his Department of the Interior was a few miles away in New Orleans accepting bids at an auction for new oil-drilling leases in the Gulf...

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Obama’s most-damaging legacy

‘Dear President Obama’ confronts the consequences of fracking

The film “Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now” calls upon the president to act boldly on climate change during his last months in office, and to cease being a president who also responds to the special interests of big oil and gas corporations. As outlined in...

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An uncomfortable first step

It's certainly not comfortable being a white male these days. But that's the good news. For along with the many women, people of color, and indigenous folks standing up these days and speaking truth to power, this discomfort is a necessary first step to the change that must take place.

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Embracing life through embracing our death — and extinction

Though we don't know for certain, the scientific evidence, as well as our own observations, is pretty convincing that we are rapidly approaching, or have actually entered near-term extinction. That is, we have either precious little time to avoid climate apocalypse. Or it's already too late. In any case, we really have only one choice at this point in time as to how we go about living our lives. It is the choice of no-choice, the only choice we have...

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Tipping point

March Madness was not simply about the NCAA basketball tournament this year. It was also about the revelations that February was the hottest month on record, that the oceans are rising faster than had previously been thought, and that our nation is leaking methane into the atmosphere in massive quantities as a result of the fracking boom. It also included the research that showed that the West Antarctic ice sheet that is larger than Mexico and thought to be vulnerable...

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Brattleboro can provide leadership on climate change

Leadership is essential to the success of almost any enterprise you can name, and its absence is invariably the cause of its failure. Governments (big and small), workplaces, businesses, schools, churches, fraternal and civic organizations, sports teams, political groups, theater companies, choruses, clubs, families, or just about any other gathering of people whose purpose in coming together is to accomplish a common task, all require leadership to be successful, however defined. Furthermore, leadership need not be the authoritarian, partisan, abusive,

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Creating community while we can

It's too late to prevent climate change. No matter how fast we ultimately act to limit its potentially catastrophic impact - and we must act quickly, or it will be too late to do even that - we have to face the reality that climate change is here and will continue to be an increasingly dominant presence in our lives. We can't avoid it or wish it away. This frightening prospect can easily paralyze us into inaction, rendering us all...

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