Jahari Lee Charlebois

Safe crossing

Sometimes, we just need someone to take notice and assist

The other night, I was driving the kids home and came to a stop sign at the base of a steep hill. There were no other cars and no other people...but I still paused. I had noticed something and it was, at that moment, under the front of my Jeep.

I backed up, parked, and put my hazards on. And there, in the bright gaze of my headlights, was the tiniest and most adorable little mouse.

It was just sitting there - frozen with fear, I presumed. So I went up to it, and it moved its ears and untucked its tail, which had been wrapped tightly around its body.

The poor thing was scared out of its wits. I almost touched it before it remembered how to run. It stopped again in the intersection, so I again quickly ushered it along - this time, into the safety of some bushes.

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First outing

The tender little whispers about my newborn son warmed my heart. Then a little, cynical voice rudely spoke up in my head.

After a fun playdate with friends in the snow and sunshine yesterday, we took our boys, Søren and Austen, shopping. It was our first family outing (trial by fire) out in the world far from the protective bubble of the cozy nest we call home. Brett and I each...

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