Martha F. Barkley

Columnist's gathered thoughts speak the truth

MacLean Gander certainly wrote a reality check for all of us who insist we are OK when we are not. This Covid time of strangeness has affected everyone. His burnout or lack thereof revealed some wonderful literary quotes. Referring to great stories and quoting great authors help in the healing we need.

Shakespeare's memorable words in King Lear: “The weight of this sad time we must obey/Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.”

His gathered thoughts spoke the truth to me. Thank you for his column of truth. As Gander concludes: “Perhaps one way to mend this broken world is for truth to be our guide.”


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Let all the ‘Lucy’ voices be heard

After reading this piece belatedly, I wanted to visit “Lucy Speaks” in the mobile unit in front of Key Bank on Main Street. Occasionally, we happen to be in Brattleboro around the time of your annual Literary Festival. Not this year, unfortunately. Carbone's political map statement really caught my...

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Thanks for showcasing some great student essays

What a beautiful page of clear thought by public high school students and huge NASA photo to catch the reader's eye. Maybe the Leipzig student will decide to return to the USA and help us reduce our national debt? Germany's economy is booming, but maybe Friedemann Schmidt will find...

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