Wendy M. Levy

John Carpenter’s 1988 anti-consumerist cult classic, “They Live,” will be shown at Epsilon Spires on Nov. 24.

‘The problem is unrestrained capitalism’

Epsilon Spires presents ‘They Live,’ John Carpenter’s 1988 anti-consumerist cult-classic film — on Black Friday

Which holiday is scarier: Halloween or Black Friday?

If you answered the latter, you may find comfort and fellowship on Friday, Nov. 24, when arts organization Epsilon Spires screens John Carpenter's anti-consumerist cri de coeur, They Live.

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Three bands with N.E. roots push boundaries of styles, genres

Damon & Naomi, Dredd Foole, and Wet Tuna will perform at Epsilon Spires on Oct. 19

In honor of the vintage English nursery rhyme ("Thursday's child has far to go"), Epsilon Spires presents a midweek lineup on Thursday, Oct. 19, of three far-ranging musical acts, each one pushing the boundaries of song styles and genres. The common denominator? All earned the bulk of their musical...

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‘An unparalleled journey of evocative mythic imagery’

Daniel Higgs and Chris Weisman perform at Epsilon Spires on Sept. 23

Epsilon Spires - in the spirit of its tagline, "Rewarding the Curious" - will present an evening of interesting music for interesting people on Saturday, Sept. 23, when Daniel Higgs and Chris Weisman bring their respective multidisciplinary, genre-crossing performances to the Sanctuary of 190 Main St. Perhaps best known...

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Wendy M. Levy: ‘Libraries match my ethics and values’

Hello, neighbors. I am excited to be on this year's Town Meeting ballot as a library trustee. I believe my leadership skills, my love for libraries, and my knowledge of how crucial they are to a community make me an excellent addition to the Rockingham Free Public Library's Board of Trustees. I moved to Bellows Falls from Brattleboro in April, 2022, and I am so glad I did. One of my favorite things about living here is the Rockingham Free...

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Use public funds for people’s basic needs, not rent-a-cops

Nancy Braus recommends that the town of Brattleboro hire “private security” to patrol the streets of downtown. This is a predictable trajectory. Downtown Brattleboro already has a fountain, a sketchy parking garage, shops selling items I can't afford, and an ugly glassed-in food court. I guess the only thing missing to complete its transformation into an upscale mall is a posse of rent-a-cops. But can't we get gaggles of goth teenagers, a Cinnabon, and some escalators first? All Gen-X snark...

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Hashim: the qualities of a leader

When I look at the ballot, I cast my votes using a sort of mathematical equation for each candidate: supports my values + has “lived experience” to inform their values + has public service or leadership experience + shows integrity + listens to a variety of opinions + educates themselves to develop their own opinions. In adding all of this up, I have (easily) come to the conclusion that I'm voting for Nader Hashim for state Senate. When I was...

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Happy birthday, WVEW!

In a national landscape of extreme media consolidation and focus-group-tested, lowest-common-denominator, homogenized radio, southeastern Vermont boasts something music- and free-speech fans in other regions can only dream about: two commercial-free community radio stations, run completely by volunteers, where program hosts can do almost whatever they like on the air. One of them, WVEW-LPFM, in Brattleboro, celebrates its 15th anniversary this month. The nonprofit radio station's leaders - a group of three directors, and a small handful of other volunteers -

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Can the cooperative model save the next Vermont Bread Co.?

What sadness, anger, and shame I felt when I read about the demise of the Vermont Bread Co. and its parent company, Koffee Kup Bakery, in Burlington. The company, in business since 1978, was based here, with beloved breads and English muffins sold up and down New England and the middle-Atlantic states. And now it's gone. And so is the tax revenue. And so are the jobs of 247 Vermonters - 91 of them here in our town. As I...

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