Jahari Lee Charlebois-Andersen

If I had just one more day, Gram

Memories that leave the sweetest impressions on the soul

To say that Grandma and I had a few things in common might be an understatement.

October was our birthday month. We shared the same passion for horses, flowers, art, and music, and we both had a knack for making mint jelly. And despite the age gap between us, we truly enjoyed each other's company, especially over these past few years.

Grandma has always been a great source of inspiration for me. Poems and stories have sprung to life from reflections of uplifting visits with her, of fond childhood memories, and of course, of her melodious piano playing.

And I can't overstate just how incredible a person she was, how giving, or forgiving she was, how her beautiful soul graced the Earth as none other, or the depths of my sorrow now that she has passed on.

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