Richard Morton

We need balance in our Legislature

Gov. Scott cannot act as a brake on every foolish, unneeded, and wasteful piece of legislation by his veto. His veto comes into play only if it can be sustained. We need Republicans in Montpelier to keep the Democrats from having free rein in the State House.

I am the kind of guy who washes the edge of a jelly jar and salad dressing bottle and rinses out the cap before putting them away.

If there are crumbs in the microwave, I clean them out and then check if there are splatters on the roof.

My car gets vacuumed out every Saturday morning and fluids get checked.

The checkbook is balanced and stays that way.

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Republican town committees give citizens significant power to organize

News we see on TV, online, or in the paper about the direction our country is moving is distressing. Whatever your hot button issues are, one of the key arenas for changing things is the political arena. That arena is open to everyone. Every voter who lives in Windham...

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Far beyond Roe v. Wade

The House abortion-rights bill wouldn’t just preserve abortion rights if they are rolled back at the federal level. It would guarantee unrestricted abortions until the moment of birth and leave women vulnerable to medical risks and unintended consequences

The Vermont Legislature is considering a significant expansion of abortion in our state under the guise of protecting the right to choose an abortion in the unlikely case that Roe v. Wade is reversed or restricted by the Supreme Court in coming years. The House bill is entitled “An...

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Republicans, become active in town GOP committees

Everyone who lives in Windham County can join other like-minded voters and help the Republican Party organize your town's GOP committee. Help bring balance back to the legislature in Montpelier. What are your hot issues: Unconscionable waste? Burdensome taxes? Guns rights? A non-representative legislature wasting time and money? Respect for life at any stage of development? Religious liberty? The process begins with organizing town committees this Wednesday, Sept. 13. Did you know that as few as three registered voters in...

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Confessions of a wary Trumpist

I stayed up watching the Super Bowl right to the very end. Up until about the six-minute mark in the fourth quarter, it seemed hopeless and very discouraging for a Patriots fan. Then it turned, dramatically. I remember similar feelings all night long on election night. It wasn't until after 11 p.m. that there was some sense this race was actually close and might go Donald Trump's way. I stayed up until past 3:30 a.m., hugely surprised and pleased. It...

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Bring balance back!

People living in Windham County who are disgusted with the news they hear coming from their TV can stop yelling at the screen. Even if you aren't exactly yelling at the TV but still are wondering what this world is coming to, there is some good news. You can do something about your distress right here and right now in Windham County, and join with other like-minded voters to help the Republican Party organize your town's GOP Committee to help...

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