Peter "Fish" Case

A sign from beyond

Peter ‘Fish’ Case finds a timeless lesson from his mother in a long-forgotten note

My mom died a number of years ago, and she died at home in Vermont with her family and her loved ones by her side.

That day, my father and I sat on the couch, side by side. I couldn't tell you how long we sat there, but we were quiet. Three minutes could have gone by, 30 minutes could have gone by, three hours could have gone by - I just don't know. Everybody was in the house, and everybody was quiet.

And with my inevitable black humor, I just decided to turn to him.

“I just realized something,” I said. “I just lost half my audience.”...

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Thanks for contributions to Load the Latchis food shelf benefit

WKVT thanks the community for making the fifth annual Load the Latchis a success. Once again, we accomplished the goal of putting a full bag of groceries on each of the 750 seats inside the Latchis' main theater. All the food and cash donations help stock the Groundworks Collaborative...

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Judge not

I have maintained that we are all one catastrophic event from being homeless. This is nothing that should ever be judged, because you never know what put a person in the situation. Help is the only thing you should extend. Never judgment. Judging doesn't define them. It defines you!

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