Lynn Levine

We’re in the gap between devastation and revolution

Prepare for a revolution, when the young people and others usually disenfranchised rise up.

The Supreme Court's rulings are deplorable and devastating. These terrible times will encourage voting to make Congress more supportive of women and children, gay men and women, and the BIPOC community.

“Even though something good always seems to come from something bad, there's a gap,” Srinivas Rao, creator of the Unmistakable Creative podcast, wrote in a 2016 essay on “And it's learning to live in that gap, in that discomfort that we grow, evolve, learn, and our pain becomes a pathway to greater levels of significance, meaning and accomplishments.”

So we all need to take a deep breath and then turn our attention to taking action: writing letters for people running for office in other states where races are close, going to demonstrations, talking to those people who don't vote.

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A parade of joy and love

My husband and I were checking to see if the wood frogs and the Jefferson and yellow-spotted salamanders had produced eggs at our adopted vernal pool on the East-West Road in Dummerston. With binoculars in hand and visions of the egg masses left behind, we were heading back to...

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Confronting racism at Co-op annual meeting: challenging, painful, necessary

Almost 150 folks, most of them members of the Brattleboro Food Co-op, sat together to celebrate the 45th annual meeting of the Co-op. As we ate delicious food prepared by Co-op staff, we listened to reports from the board and the general manager. Soon after, the moderator opened up...

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Finally a licensed forester thanks to White

Earlier this year, when I needed Jeanette White, she was there for me - just as she has been in the past. She graciously agreed to meet with me, and she carefully listened to my concerns. This time, I hoped that she would support a proposal to - finally - license forestry professionals in Vermont. This bill was heading to the committee she chairs, the Senate Committee on Government Operations. She encouraged me to testify in the Senate. (I had...

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More deer hunting mean fewer ticks in the woods

The Dummerston Conservation Commission would like Windham County woodland owners, who currently post their land with “No Hunting” signs which make it a violation to hunt, to consider an alternative. Since 2013, landowners can post signs allowing “Hunting by Permission Only,” which is legally enforceable by the game warden serving Windham County, Kelly Price, whose home number is 802-251-2171. The reason for this law is to allow more lands to be hunted, which helps to improve our forests' health and,

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