Susan Losinger-Odegard

A Democratic tax break for millionaires and billionaires?

Congressman Welch,

I just read the Forbes article about the proposed Democratic giveaway to millionaires and billionaires in the HEROES Act, which proves that Ralph Nader was correct when he said there wasn't much difference between the two parties.

How can the Democrats justify this tax giveaway to such wealthy people when millions of formerly hard-working Americans, unemployed through no fault of their own and who played by the rules, are once again getting the shaft?

People are getting evicted and going hungry. People are not able to get tested for the coronavirus, and kids are going uneducated because they don't have connectivity to the internet.

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‘We’re all in this together’

There’s nothing dramatic or extraordinary about these memories from New York City, but the collective theme is so lovely — kindness

Make no mistake, the curtain has been drawn back in the United States - actually, several curtains. We are in nightmarish times with a nightmare of a president, and that double whammy has had and will have dire consequences for many. All of Donald Trump's lies, misinformation, delays, obfuscations,

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A young candidate misses the mark

Pete Buttigieg accepts money from the big guns: tech, Wall Street, and the medical-industrial complex, including Big Pharma and insurance executives

When I listen to mayor Pete Buttigieg during a debate or interview, my old English-major heart all but swoons. His choice of words and turns of phrase are exquisite and often downright eloquent. Even his off-the-cuff responses rarely include the usual uhs and you knows - plus, he knows...

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If Biden is the Democratic nominee, we’re in for a Trump trouncing

Make no mistake - our country is being incinerated. I'm not referring to the awful wildfires that have ravaged the United States for the last four-plus years. I'm talking about the Trump effect. Since he slithered down that gilded escalator on June 16, 2015 and bellowed out his hatred of immigrants as an opening salvo, Trump has managed to promote, bully, and lie his way into the political and social fabric of America, mainly by escalating hate and fear. He...

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Rejecting a chilling, ultra-Darwinian view

Let me be clear: I found Gerard Cloutier's piece disturbing, despite sometimes being couched in an arrested-development type of humor, which some might find amusing. Ever so slightly underneath that attempt at humor was a rigid, shallow argument devoid of any attempt to understand the complicated nuances of our society and economic system. Moreover, it contained no hint of empathy or compassion. It was a chilling read. “I realized that those with left-leaning views vote for their legislative representatives based...

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It makes me weep, and it makes me angry

Let's be honest: the human touch corrupts all political systems to one degree or another. Take communism, defined as a communal form of governance and ownership, which results in a classless society of equals. Sounds great, in theory. Contrast that with the infamous reign of Stalin, whose form of communism resulted in the bloodbath executions, forced labor, and starvation of millions of Russians - quite a stark contrast to Marx's Communist Manifesto. Our form of government, a democratic republic (or,

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A scream in the night

Like most women, I've had my share of sexual harassment and assault. It's as old as the hills, and it gets old fast. I didn't think I would be adding my voice to the recent dialogue our country is having on this issue, but I do have something to say through my own story, or at least part of it. Here goes. My entry point was as a young teenager. I was 13, maybe just 14. A golfing buddy of...

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Trump is out of his league, and we’re all going to pay

As I write, we are mere days from the inauguration of Donald J. Trump - a political D-day in my view. I wasn't surprised by Trump's presidential victory, but I was horrified and so very ashamed of our country. America has elected a man who personifies the ugliest of human traits: greed, arrogance (the flip side of insecurity), cruelty, and self-aggrandizement, to name a few. A serial liar with such unlimited hubris that he thinks that he alone can untangle...

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