Sue Graff

Thanks to all for Dental Care Day

United Way of Windham County thanks the 71 medical and non-medical volunteers who made this year's eighth annual Adult Dental Care Day on May 5 a huge success. More than 100 Windham County residents received essential dental care from seven participating dental practices.

The Brattleboro Elks Lodge #1499 again provided our triage site. A big thank you to the participating dentists, nurses, hygienists, and dental offices, which provided over $53,500 worth of pro bono dental care.

A huge round of applause to other volunteers, sponsors, and other funders.

United Way is committed to increasing access to oral health care among Windham County residents and appreciates all who have helped make Adult Dental Care Day successful since 2008 - you are helping to bring health, opportunity, prosperity, and education (HOPE) to Windham County.

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Trump’s not mean — Clift is

Elayne Clift (a Hillary lover) is outraged that President Trump is against unborn children being murdered. She calls his pro-life position “downright mean.” No, Elayne, you're the one who's downright mean!

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Trump-hating writers: go seek some therapy

As I write this letter on Thanksgiving Day, I am so very, very thankful that Hillary “Rotten” Clinton will never be president of the United States. The corrupt media tried to save her with phony polls and lies, but they failed. As for the deputy editor of this paper,

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Trump will create a liberal panic

Bill Clinton groped Kathleen Willey, dropped his pants for Paula Jones, raped Juanita Broaddrick, and lied about his sexual relationships with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky (an intern young enough to be his daughter), yet you call Donald Trump mean and a misogynist? Susan Odegard: When Trump is elected president, you and your liberal friends will be in a panic. I can't wait.

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