Marjorie Albrecht Ray

‘It took guts to write this’

Thank you, Deb Luskin. It took guts to write this. And thank you to The Commons for publishing.

I am hopeful for change. I pray we can all be kinder to each other in the midst of these revelations.


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Grandfather’s words resonate

Thank you, Becca Balint, for sharing your grandfather's words. It is beyond sad that such a kind, thoughtful man was murdered in Austria years ago, yet this hateful energy is still alive today.

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Inspiring business

Great interview; very inspiring! We're lucky to have companies like Mondo Mediaworks in Brattleboro!

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Respect from Bernie

A measure of a man is how he treats others. It's nice to see the attention paid to the students and the respect to the teacher. We need more of this! Go Bernie!

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