Rick Fleming

Group advocates for changes in antiquated alimony laws

We at Vermont Alimony Reform brought the issue of antiquated spousal support and maintenance laws to the attention of the Legislature when we testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last spring.

According to the most recent statistics, about 3.5 of every 1,000 Vermonters are divorced every year. Each year, that means almost 4,300 residents, families, and their small businesses - considered assets by current law - are paying the price for 1950s-era laws in dire need of reform.

That means you or someone you know is likely to be affected under the current system.

Our testimony resulted in the passage of S.52 by the Senate, which would have brought about a comprehensive review of these laws and would have included all parties affected by them.

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White an ally in alimony reform

I support Jeanette White in her Vermont Senate campaign this year. White has been extremely helpful to Windham County in many ways throughout her career in the Senate. She has always been willing to listen to any constituent's problem and offer suggestions or work to propose legislation to address...

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Time to reform Vermont alimony policy

Men and women as far away as Brattleboro, Rutland, Putney, Barre, Burlington, and St. Johnsbury met recently to launch a Vermont alimony-reform movement. I am spearheading this new activist organization, Vermont Alimony Reform (VAR). I am a native of Brattleboro who is forced to pay lifetime alimony to an...

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