Gary Fox

Demolishing historic mill complex is the wrong way to go

Sustainable Valley Group and the Bellows Falls Historical Society have put literature and photos on large posters in the People's United Bank window and hosted a public forum about the proposed demolition of the TLR Mill Complex at Windham Antique Center on Feb. 22.

We have done so because we feel it is important for voters to have multiple perspectives on this issue before committing the funds: $100,000 to start, plus the liability of testing and potential discovery of contamination disposal, discovery of excess costs associated with saving the canal wall while demolishing the structure on top it that has been supporting it for nearly 150 years.

The TLR Mill Complex is representative of the rich paper industry history from the Bellows Falls Industrial Zone, and demolition goes against the goals and policies of historic preservation and adaptive reuse in our town plan.

There are many other reasons to consider preservation and redevelopment of this facility:...

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