Gina Faro

May I remove that sticker?

My ballot is filled out, and though in some regards I don't care who sees who I voted for, but given the current state of surveillance and near-state of autocracy, I noticed the sticker on the “voted ballot envelope” has my name and address on it, and find that very disconcerting. I pretty much trust no one.

Please advise. May I remove that sticker? Is the sticker there only because it was mailed to me - and then, should not people be told they could remove the sticker for privacy?


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Grappling with a class issue

What Kate Bowen is grappling with is a class issue. In Putney, it might present more as a cultural issue. Although “class” is a fairly complex concept (just look it up in Wikipedia!), it is a scale that assigns inequity: the haves vs. the have-nots, the entitled vs. the...

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Not even a pretense of democracy?

It'd be great if a young turnout for Bernie Sanders turns out in force in the March 1 presidential primary. I was pleased that U.S. Representative Peter Welch stated that he will throw his support behind Sanders - support that is critical, as Welch is a superdelegate. So, of...

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