Dan Jeffries

Kornheiser's support of overdose prevention centers 'appalling'

Editor's note: On Jan. 10, Kornheiser, as chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means, recommended passage of an act relating to a harm-reduction criminal justice response to drug use. The bill, which calls for $1 million for a pilot program for overdose prevention centers, passed the House on Jan. 11 and is now in the hands of the state Senate's Committee on Health and Welfare.

Emilie Kornheiser, state representative of the Windham-7 district, is up in Montpelier promoting making Brattleboro the illegal drug use hub of southwestern New England.

She wants to continue the enable the use of illicit drugs by establishing a come-one-come-all shooting gallery in our town.

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Seeking sources

In order to not immediately undermine the credibility of her entire piece, I would like Anna Mullany to provide the source for her statement: “One in three women in the military are raped by fellow service members.” And to save time, let's not go with the evasive “anecdotal evidence”

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Vermont should regulate truck engine-brake noise

As a resident of West Brattleboro, I have been reading with interest the comments made related to the truck traffic on Route 9. A brief comment was made about the noise associated with this traffic. I am amazed at how loud the trucks can be coming down off of...

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We worked for it. Why should we pick up the tab?

There is no end to the demand for new programs or additional or upgraded infrastructure in our community. A lot of the proposals can be very desirable but lack funding. In pursuit of funding, advocates routinely target people categorized as having the “ability to pay.” Who are these people with the “ability to pay,” and how did they get it? While there is certainly a very small number of people in this community who got it handed to them, I...

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Insults and lies from the anti-nukers

I attended the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP) meeting held March 22. The meeting brought together Entergy, NorthStar, the state of Vermont, and others interested in the decommissioning effort at Vermont Yankee. Over the past several years, the anti-nuclear community has seized on meetings of this kind to impugn numerous professional organizations that didn't agree with their philosophies on related matters. Entergy asked its employees to always take the high road at the public meetings and to not reply...

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