Nancy Tips

I am asking you to feel sorry for me

When a wind developer comes to your small town, people are affected differently — and that, it turns out, lies at the heart of what you learn about community

It has become a cliché to say: “Towns targeted for industrial wind installations are torn apart by the experience.”

If it's an experience you haven't had, you might well wonder what's behind the cliché.

If you really want to understand, you might start by asking the question: “What is the nature of the bonds that hold a community together in the first place?”

I don't know about your small town, but in ours, neighborly bonds tend to be of the feel-good type: I do you a kindness and we both benefit. You break your leg? I plow your drive. Your weed whacker is in the shop? I lend you mine. Your brother dies? I go to the funeral, even if I didn't know him. What a dandy fellow I am, and everyone knows it.

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