Fred Lee

In Brattleboro, no sense of any region-wide affiliation or purpose

A very interesting vote was recently cast by the Brattleboro reps for the Windham Solid Waste Management District to close the Materials Recovery Facility. The collateral damage could be much wider than these folks with their ill-considered vote could have intended.

I don't think I'm alone in reflecting how the same scenario could play out with the Act 46 consolidation proposal.

I understand the impetus for consolidating school functions, and I believe that a lot of the reasons for consolidating make sense. But in light of this vote, the argument that the interests of Brattleboro residents aren't that different from those of the other regional towns rings quite hollow.

I have been very receptive to the school consolidation movement but now, seeing this vote, I am dismayed and chastened.

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Stain on Leahy’s political legacy

I doubt that Senator Patrick Leahy will run for another term. It's one reason he can cut his losses and do as he pleases, which may get him some honorary post in a Hillary Clinton presidency. How can that balance out: years of service, tarnished by a betrayal of...

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