Bill Conley

A gratuitous personal assault

DUMMERSTON-Kate Casa's response to John Ungerleider's letter concerning local debate about the horrific state of affairs in Gaza definitely crossed the civility line from my perspective.

Instead of simply staying with her defensible points about Israeli occupation and military assault on Palestinians and the intractability of the conflict, she chose to engage in a gratuitous personal assault on John.

Her comments disparaging his entire career, one dedicated to transforming conflict and bringing warring parties together to further peace, were lamentable at best, inexcusable at worst.

Those demeaning and dismissive comments by Ms. Casa have no place in the current discourse that is too often fraught with animosity and vitriol and ad hominem attacks.

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Biden does not deserve maddeningly low approval ratings

A recent political cartoon pictures President Biden dressed as Santa Claus standing in front of a present-laden Christmas tree with a family in their living room. His presents include things such as reduced unemployment/more people employed, inflation down to pre-pandemic levels, low gas prices, etc. The family is depicted...

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Do Republican candidates deserve public trust? No!

A recent review by the Reformer of the current slate of Republican candidates for local and statewide government offices got me thinking. Not one of the them repudiated Donald Trump; perhaps they weren't asked. Even before watching the last of the Jan. 6 committee hearings, it occurred to me...

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Harrison: highly respected track record

Wendy Harrison is the most experienced of the three candidates on the Democratic Party primary ballot for Windham County Vermont Senate. All three are good candidates with policy positions that don't differ a great deal. What distinguishes Wendy from the other candidates is her decades of government experience at the town and state levels. We need someone like Wendy Harrison who can hit the ground running in a Senate seat and work well with other colleagues and also take a...

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Balint: experience, integrity, passion, and a deep understanding of complex issues

When Becca Balint was launching her first run for Vermont Senate, some years ago, my wife, Christie Herbert, and I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a meet-and-greet gathering for Becca. Supporting Becca was an easy decision back then, seeing how well-suited she was for political leadership at the state level as a senator. The decision now for us voters is equally clear. Becca Balint deserves our vote on Primary Election Day Aug. 9 to send her to the general...

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A new parlor game for 2021

Recently, friends and I, some former Republican voters, have generated a list of what the initialism GOP, which once stood for “Grand Old Party,” really stands for now. In light of so many GOP congresspeople willing to perpetuate the Big Lie of “election fraud,” refusing to denounce the attempted coup, and traitorously violating their oaths to the Constitution, my buddies and I generated this list of what this faction of the GOP really stands for today. We hope this can...

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Letter is sad proof that so many of us have nothing in common

I'm so thankful for people like Mike Mrowicki who speak plainly and clearly about the enormous gap between sane, honest, rational, and ethical people and those who support Donald Trump. Mr. Mrowicki's recent Legislative Update [“In search of common ground,” Dec. 2] laments the possibility of finding common ground between Democrats and ReTrumplicans, and he couldn't be more correct. Now that Trump has attempted a coup, his latest assault on our democratic republic, the gap is clear between traitors to...

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Jerome: decades of service and leadership

Please vote for Cindy Jerome in the Aug. 14 primary election as one of your two state representatives for District 4 (Dummerston, Putney, Westminster). I have known Cindy since our children were in kindergarten at the Dummerston School more than 20 years ago. She has my support because of her extensive and deep experience in local government and as a manager and leader of elder-care facilities and other human-service organizations. She brings the experience we need in Montpelier to hit...

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