Jessica Gelter

Jessica Gelter: Empathy, compassion, and patience

I love Brattleboro and have always thought of it as a big-hearted community. I'm sure many of you have as well. We've thought it, we've said it, but we have more work to do on it.

When I first joined the Selectboard, a previous member told me, “it takes too long to get anything done. I didn't have the patience.”

But I'm patient. Before my time on the Selectboard, I served on the Brattleboro Planning Commission, where we worked on a 10-year master plan, a downtown plan, began the housing study, and where we developed a set of guidelines to help us make decisions based in equity. That town committee is a place where long-term vision and patience thrive.

I then had the honor of being elected to the Selectboard, with the goal of putting that long-term visioning into policy and action. This work also takes tremendous patience - not only because there are always issues that require research, thought, and deliberation, but because there is the risk of these issues being put on the back burner by the unpredictable.

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We do not owe Kavanaugh our trust

With such high stakes, we cannot overlook the stigma and mistrust that would tarnish the Supreme Court if our lawmakers confirm a man accused of sexual assault, even if the system decides he is innocent

It's not about one man or one woman, it's about the integrity of the Supreme Court. Though my gut is screaming for justice and my emotional response drives my beliefs to accept without a doubt Christine Blasey Ford's account, I took a few breaths today to put aside those...

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NEYT alumni perform a Shakespeare play that resonates with the issues

We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of NEYT Alumni productions with Shakespeare's Coriolanus on the New England Youth Theatre stage. Very different from our first production, The Importance of Being Earnest, in 2007, Coriolanus resonates with today's political scene in the U.S. In the play, a grassroots uprising faces...

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