Dave Hayes

High-elevation snow early Thursday; seasonably cold and fair this weekend

Hello and good day to you, hearty residents of the hills and dales in southeastern Vermont! I want to start by saying how grateful I am for your readership over these past 44 months, through scores of weekly columns.

I also wanted to let you know that this week's column will be my last regular submission for the foreseeable future as The Commons picks up and runs with other priorities at the paper to help ensure that it thrives well into the future.

I want to take a moment and say how much I've appreciated the opportunity and experience that Jeff Potter and Randy Holhut bestowed upon me since 2016.

I've really enjoyed writing these columns to provide you with weekly weather outlooks for your beautiful Windham County region. I truly hope that you've enjoyed reading them, and even learned a thing or two about our weather along the way.

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Blustery Wednesday leads to late week cold, milder weekend

Hello and good day to you, fine citizens of southeastern Vermont! We've got a quiet weather week on the way in southeastern Vermont, that may end in some icing and rain by Tuesday into early Wednesday as we head toward the end of February. For Wednesday, we'll see a...

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Mixed mess Thursday morning leads to cold, fair weekend

Hello and good day to you, fine citizens of southeastern Vermont! We've got our fairly bland winter continuing into February, despite a small dump of snow early this week. For Wednesday, we'll enjoy a lovely, seasonable day before clouds build in Wednesday night. Light accumulating snow changing to ice...

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Inclement and wintry pattern returns, followed by seasonably cold weekend

Hello and good day to you, fine citizens of southeastern Vermont! We've got an active pattern on the way, so let's sketch in the week for you. Our Wednesday will be generally fair, but clouds will increase Wednesday night and snow will be breaking out across Windham County after midnight. We could see 1 to 3 inches or so of accumulation before snow changes to sleet sometime early-to-mid Thursday morning, with sleet and freezing rain possible into the afternoon. Ice...

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Fair through Friday, potential storm on Saturday

Hello and good day to you, fine citizens of southeastern Vermont! We've got a calm and fair end to our work week in Windham County, which will be pleasant indeed. However, the weekend holds the potential for inclement conditions. As of this writing, a coastal storm looks to either graze us or miss completely to the southeast with a light, northern stream system moving through with some light snow Saturday evening. However, uncertainty remains and we could see a bigger...

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Another weekend storm follows this week’s fair weather

Hello and good day to you, residents of the snow-covered hills and dales of Windham County! All in all, our week ahead is looking mostly calm, cool and collected, but this weekend will serve as the fly in that forecast's ointment. We'll have mostly sunny skies Wednesday and Thursday, with more clouds than sun on Friday. Temperatures will be increasing gradually though that three-day period, with dry conditions expected. Clouds will build on Saturday, and it appears that we could...

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Winter returns with light mix on Thursday; snowstorm could hit Saturday

Hello and good day to you, residents of lovely Windham County! Well, last Friday's forecast was a total bust. Our storm formed too far west to produce any real weather in southern Vermont. In addition, we became much warmer than originally thought. Such is life in the weather department. A few variables change by 50 miles, and those changes amplify and cascade downstream over our region when we're three days out. As for this coming week, it looks like we...

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Seesaw weather continues for the coming week

Hello and good day to you, residents of the peaceful and picturesque windy hamlets of southeastern Vermont! We have so many changes on the way, I'm just going to jump right in. For Wednesday, a storm system responsible for a few morning flurries pulls away which will lead to scattered afternoon and evening snow showers and squalls. Windy and cold conditions follow at night into the morning, which will lead to a beautiful, but cold Thursday. Snow and ice on...

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