Charlene Wakefield

Strolling of the insubordinate

A shortcut leads to a writer’s banishment

I got to the Write Action vendor's table for Strolling of the Heifers on the Retreat grounds a little before 9 a.m., and I was relieved to see that our tent had already been set up.

I'd known that Tom would be there at that time, too, but I had worried that even the two of us might not be able to manage our organization's booth. But there it was, in all its vinyl glory, protecting the table full of books and flyers and sign-up sheets.

I greeted Tom, sitting comfortably in a chair reading The Commons, and I sat down in the chair next to him, telling him I was so glad to see things all in such good order.

“I didn't have to do a thing,” he told me. “Two fellows came along and raised it right up while I watched. They did have a little trouble when it got off kilter, but it worked out fine.”...

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