Connie Baxter

Amid our new reality, a small act of kindness

The scene: Market 32 (f.k.a. Price Chopper), Tuesday, March 17, the baking aisle.

I'm standing in front of an apparently empty flour section. Stooping down, I spy a large bag of speciality-brand flour in the back of a lower shelf. Flour is on my shopping list, but I quickly decide I don't really need it.

Just then, another woman appears, initially dismayed at the empty shelves. I point out the large, almost hidden bag and she goes for it.

We begin a friendly chat (at a safe distance, of course) when a younger women arrives, crestfallen at the now-barren shelves. She laments that she needs to bake cupcakes for her little daughter's birthday.

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Little is known about Cutler and DePino

The citizens of Windham District 4 (Putney, Dummerston, and Westminster) have a very important choice to make in this November's election. Incumbents David Deen (D-Westminster) and Mike Mrowicki (D-Putney) are in contested races with newcomers Eddie Cutler and Bonnie DePino, Republicans from Westminster and Westminster West, respectively. David Deen...

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